I’ve had a very wonderful, fun-filled past few weeks- and its getting better- after work (in a mere 20 minutes!) I’m heading up to the Poconos to have a mini-reunion with some college friends. With all this activity and traveling, I’ve haven’t even done a full load of laundry in weeks. Belong are some of my favorite images (with or taken by some of my favorite people!) from the past couple weeks- thank God Spring has sprung!

Leah and I outside the Philadelphia Museum of Art. If you live in Philly, or are planning to be in the area soon, go see Van Gogh Up Close!

Logan Circle, picture by Leah


Celebrating the first day of spring with free Rita’s Water Ice (known as Italian ice outside of Philly!)

Lunch al fresco at Parc


Visiting family in Charlottesville, VA- I’ve got nice shoes! Picture taken by cousin Katherine over at Through the View Finder

Took a break from shopping in C-Ville with the cousins to enjoy a pork taco from Cinema Taco 

Basking in the good weather at King Family Vineyards, complete with a wine and cheese plate and fresh baguettes (mmm)

Couldn’t get over how green the grass was! (or how pale my legs are! thank god the sun is back!)

Baby Emma at the vineyard with her grandparents, my Uncle Dan and Aunt Janet, and stealing the show as usual. Pic by Katherine.