I’m dreaming of a whiskey Christmas

Over Thanksgiving, I had a revelation after waking up to an unfinished glass of Laphroaig on my bedside table.

“This would make a great candle.”

I am a bit fanatical about scents- I can wax poetic about how hard it is to find a scent that is citrus-y but DOESN’T smell like cleaning products. I also hate any candle that smells too perfume-y, or too much like baked goods (won’t it just make you WANT gingerbread cookies like crazy?). So once I realized that whiskey would make a great (if not somewhat atypical) candle, I started the hunt.

Preliminary google searches brought up bourbon-scented candles almost exclusively, and I personally find bourbon to be cloyingly sweet, and feel like the scent could be as well. I specifically wanted the smokey wonderfulness of a nice single-malt scotch. As a last-ditch effort, I went straight to the source: maybe Laphroaig would have one?

Lo and behold, they do have one (and I was ready to e-mail them to ask them to consider making one). This little candle, packaged up in a whiskey snifter so its REALLY class (great center piece) is now at the top of my Christmas list.

More great presents for whiskey lovers can be found at http://www.laphroaig.com/shop/, including a sick USB drive shaped like a whiskey bottle.