I am not a “salad eater.” Usually, sitting down to a nicely dressed bed of greens just leads me to growl, “I’m not a rabbit!” I’d rather be chowing down on a sandwich, or bowl of pasta. However, in an attempt to “grow up,” I’m going to try to change my relationship with salads- because, here’s the thing, I don’t hate salads- often, I kind of liked them- I just don’t like the sad little salads I make (boxed greens + balsamic + olive oil, choked down with a pained expression). I also have a strong resistance to ordering salads while I’m eating out- why would I pay someone to give me cold food? But, if I’m going to grow up, I’d rather it be through salad eating than just through my receding gum line and nascent caffeine addiction.

So I’m gathering recommendations from friends and family on how they make delicious salads they actually want to eat- share yours in the comment section as well! (comments have to be approved to prevent spam, so if you’ve never commented before it might take a minute to show up!) 

co-worker, office wife, former roommate 

“I am a font of salad tips.”

Make your own dressings– one part oil to two parts acid. You don’t even have to mix it, just put lemon juice and olive oil on your greens. A drizzle of honey is delicious, especially on arugula. ”

Fresh herbs are delicious, especially parsley.”

“Here is a delicious salad I make all the time: cubed avocado,  halved cherry tomatos, lime juice, and salt. Mmmm.”

Left-overs are a great way to bulk up salads- quinoa or rice, or leftover meat.”

Hot roasted vegetables on top of greens are also delicious.”

What are you typing? Are you going to quote me in the post?”

A fellow fellow in my program, as well as fellow blogger, former and future Californian 

“Here’s my secret salad dressing: it’s very simple: finely chopped garlic, finely chopped ginger, a squeeze of lemon juice, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar, and a pinch of salt and pepper”

“One of my favorite salads to make is chopped kalamata olives, cucumber, feta, avocados, and thinly sliced red onion on spring mix tossed in the secret salad dressing.”

“Always thinly slice your onions– like shavings. That’s just me though”

Cat Lady, future Fulbright scholar to Italy (!!), Paella-maker

“When packing for lunch, store the vegetables separate from the lettuce.”

“Always include a cheese– goat, feta or parm.”

One salad I like is romaine or other greens, black beans, peppers, carrots, cilantro, tomatoes, and avocado with lime dressing.”

Bread on the side is key.”

“Always include more fun produce than you think you’ll need– a good salad is 1/2 salad and 1/2 other stuff.”


What about you?